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Project Description
This project contains the .NET Microframework solution for the EMIC Home Automation Gateway (EMICHAG). This project created within the co-funded research project called HOMEPLANE (

The Home Automation Gateway (HAG) Project is designed to support a huge number of protocols used in building and home automation. Its modular design favors flexibility and protocol coverage over cost.

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1.2. HAG Hardware Features
  • ARM9 Core (AT91SAM9261)
  • 1 GB NAND, 32 or 64 MB SDRAM
  • 10/100MBit Ethernet Interface (using AX88796B)
  • 7 UART Channels,
    • one user RS232 channel
    • one user RS485 channel
    • interface to internal Bluetooth module
    • interface to internal KNX or LON module
    • interface to internal NFC (Near Field Communication) module
    • interface to internal sub-controller board and rail RS485 expansion bus
  • I2C
    • TPM chip
    • Port Expander (4 Buttons, 3 LED)
  • SPI
    • 160*128 Pixel, 16-Bit Color OLED Display
    • 802.15.4 WPAN Module (CC2420 based)
    • SDCARD Interface
  • Sub-Controller Board (AduC7060, ARM7)
    • 8 Delta-Sigma A2D channels for current and temperature sensors (4 channels each)
    • 4 S0-Inputs for power metering
    • 2 Mains Inputs
    • 6 Mains Outputs (Relay)
  • USB Slave Device

To build and use this project you need the following prerequisites

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